Encryption Cannot Have A Backdoor

The USA and other governments around the world are making a stand for backdoors to allow access to encryption and call it “legal access”.  They claim they need this access to prevent criminal and terroristic behaviors. This legal access will allow Governments to have full access to encrypted written and voice communications along with phone calling records via the backdoor. Phone records are often used in business espionage for competitors to access proprietary information such as contacts and clients. In the cyber world this translates to: if phone calls and records are accessible to governments then hackers, criminals and terrorists will also have access. If we allow legislature to demand a backdoor, it won’t be long before the criminals and terrorists are accessing data through the same backdoors.


iPhone Security - Risks and Dangers of Mobile Communications 

 iPhone security



Because of the current structure of the mobile communications system, smartphones have become significantly more vulnerable to "cellular hacks" compared to other computer devices. The two major concerns when it comes to mobile communications are eavesdropping and automatic rebilling. On analog networks such as CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), anyone within your range with a scanner could pick up your cellular signal and listen to every single one of your personal and private conversations. With the recent move towards CDMA and GSM digital networks, your phone calls are now encrypted for your protection, however, eavesdroppers with the right patience and determination can decrypt your calls and still listen to your conversation. 


iphone spyware


Is Your Privacy Threatened by iPhone Spyware? 


As an iPhone user, we know that you value your privacy quite highly. Like the majority of those using iPhones, they would probably feel uneasy if they found out they were under constant surveillance by an unknown hacker having access to their private conversations and e-mails. Yet with the new generation of iPhone app spyware which has just hit the market, this situation is actually happening to some people. As you well know, the iPhone is an incredibly useful tool that helps to organize your life, communicate more effectively with family and friends, and get access to huge amounts of data whenever you need it. And all this comes from one compact, handheld package which slips easily into your pocket. 10 years ago we could only have dreamed of this. However, there is a hidden, dark side to the current smartphone craze. Many people do not realize this, but just as desktop and laptop PCs could become infected with spyware, this also applies to your iPhone.


KryptAll K iPhone Tax Deductions


Your KryptAll K iPhone, computer, Internet service, software, and cell phone are possible tax deductions if you must use them to run your business. Businesses that are required to provide information security to remain compliant such as HIPAA, SOA, GLBA, require secure communications that KryptAll may provide.

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