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Kryptall® Frequently Asked questions

1 - What is the KryptAll® Communication Solution?

KryptAll® is a patent-pending solution to communication security for a caller that is targeted by an eavesdropper. It consists of a modified hardened VoIP or iPhone with encryption software that operates over a global network of secure servers.

2 - How does KryptAll® work?

KryptAll® operates over an Internet connection, from your service provider, with an encrypted connection to KryptAll® secure global server network, through which the encrypted phone call is transmitted. Calls, through the encryption process, are encrypted in a way that makes it impossible for anyone to eavesdrop on them.

3 - What model phones are available for KryptAll®?

KryptAll® is available in a modified hardened VoIP phone (model: K Phone) or in a modified hardened iPhone (model: K iPhone).

4 - Do I have to change telephone or Internet provider to use KryptAll®?

No, you don't. KryptAll® does not interfere with the standard telephone line or Internet. It uses a standard broadband Internet connection. Simply connect your VoIP “K Phone” to your broadband Internet connection or your cellular “K iPhone” to WiFi or 3G GSM cellular data network, to make and receive encrypted calls.

5 - Can I be traced if I use the KryptAll®?

KryptAll® uses your Internet connection to set up an encrypted data channel; it enables the encrypted calls to pass through its own global network of ciphered servers using the Internet connection. This means that there is no connection between the calls that go through KryptAll®’s global network and the calls that go through the normal public switches. In addition, the calls that go through KryptAll®'s encrypted network are not stored in order to provide absolute anonymity.

6 - Is KryptAll® difficult to use?

KryptAll® is easy to use and does not require any additional configuration. You'll receive a preconfigured “K Phone or “K iPhone” with a personal telephone number that will already be active and ready to use. Once you connect your “K Phone” to your broadband Internet connection or your “K iPhone” to broadband WiFi or the 3G GSM cellular network, a couple of minutes will be required to initialize and synchronize, after which you will be ready to make secure calls.

7 - What service will I need to use KryptAll®?

You are required to have broadband internet service for the “K Phone” and WiFi and/or 3G GSM cellular coverage with a data plan for the “K iPhone”. We recommend an unlimited data plan if using the 3G GSM cellular network. In addition, you will need to subscribe to the KryptAll® annual Global Network Plan for access to the secure server network.

8 - What is the KryptAll® Global Network?

KryptAll® has developed a global network of secure servers that allows the calls to enter the regular telephone network from more than a 100 different interconnection points, scattered in over 10 nations covering 5 continents.

9 - Will I be charged extra for calls when I use KryptAll®?

NO. Unlimited National and International calls are included in the KryptAll® Global Network Plan.

10 - Can I receive calls to my KryptAll® phone?

YES, however, only from other KryptAll® phones. This is the only way we can be sure to protect your identity and not provide a standard phone number to be traced in any form.

11 - Will my KryptAll® have a standard phone number?

NO, your KryptAll® will have a unique 6-digit number only accessible by other users on the KryptAll® network.

12 - How do I make a call to a regular phone using my KryptAll® phone?

In order to call a regular telephone number, all you need to do is enter the international country code for the number before dialing the actual number, example for calls within the USA enter 001 + area code + number.

13 - How do I make a call to another KryptAll® phone?

Dial the 6-digit number assigned to the K phone you are calling.

14 - What will my KryptAll® display in the receiving phone s caller ID?

The standard ID is blocked. However, by calling 448 this function allows you to choose which ID you want to display on the recipient's phone. KryptAll®’s system will guide you through the 2 steps to use this function. You will be asked to digit on your phone the caller ID you would like to display on the recipient's phone and the number you would like to call.

15 - Can I use the KryptAll® cellular K iPhone without having an active SIM card?

YES, the KryptAll® “K iPhone” uses a broadband Internet connection over WiFi and not the ordinary GSM channel. The 3 G or better GSM cellular network connection will allow you to travel to areas throughout the world with the unlocked K iPhone.

16 - Can I install my KryptAll® VoIP  K Phone without having a telephone connection?

YES, the “K Phone” uses an Internet connection and not the ordinary telephone line.

17 - Is it legal to use a KryptAll®?

KryptAll® is perfectly legal in the USA as it employs encryption techniques for VoIP that are NOT prohibited by any law or regulation in the USA along with most parts of the world. Please check with other laws in other countries before traveling with KryptAll® outside of the USA.

18 - What is the difference between KryptAll® and other encryption solutions on the market?

KryptAll® can be used to secure the caller even if the receiving party is not using KryptAll®. Encrypted calls are still possible as the call is encrypted and safe up to the interconnection point with the regular telephone network (POTS). This does not exclude the possibility of intercepting the phone you are calling. In this case, the call could be listened to, if the person you are calling is being targeted by an eavesdropper. Your caller identity will not be traceable even if intercepted. KryptAll® guarantees the privacy if you are the target of the interception, but it cannot guarantee the absolute privacy that the service offers until both parties are using KryptAll®.

KryptAll® issues/enables a personal number that is not used on traditional phone lines so it is not correlated to any phone users. The KryptAll® solution uses redundant and separate encryption, one inside the other, with different algorithms in the same application with 3 levels of encryption for the “K Phone”. KryptAll® uses the best security encryption algorithms based on the highest international standards with asymmetric and symmetric key algorithms.

19 - How can I be certain that my conversations are not being recorded by you?

You can be certain your calls with KryptAll® are secure because your calls are encrypted at the instrument and the server infrastructure, equipment, and software used by KryptAll® are the most advanced and reliable encryption algorithms. Designed in detail to government encryption standards and its management is carried out in compliance with the International ISO-27001.

20 - How can I be sure that the calls through KryptAll® cannot be intercepted?

KryptAll® encrypts the call at the instrument and uses SIPS servers with SRTP and TLS standard encryption protocols respectively. The K Phones employ a Twofish session, 256-bit AES, using 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange. This is the same encryption standard that is required by the Department of Defense and the US Government.

21 - What does standard protocol mean?

It means that they have been labeled as standards by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), an entity that defines all the communication protocols used on the Internet, therefore, they are pre-examined to be secure. The fact that they are standard and “open-source” is a reliability and security guarantee.

22 - Given that SRTP & TLS communication protocols are safe, how can I be sure that KryptAll® uses them effectively?

KryptAll® employs encryption programs that are compatible with the SRTP and TLS protocols, all manufactured by other parties. The configuration process of the applications and VoIP telephones foresees specific indications of the encryption of Voice with SRTP and the use of TLS encryption for the Signal. Basically, the applications and the proper functionality of these protocols on the infrastructure are guaranteed by trusted software and hardware manufacturers that have no direct relationship with KryptAll®.

23 - How can I be sure you configured the encryption software correctly?

The instrument screen will display a clear real-time message that indicates when the call is encrypted. Furthermore, in order to completely avoid configuration errors, KryptAll®’s servers do not accept calls that are not encrypted.

24 - How can I be sure that you have not secretly made arrangements with someone to eavesdrop on my calls?

Even the designers and engineers of KryptAll® cannot eavesdrop on a call because the encryption standard that KryptAll® employs starts at the instrument and has a rolling code that changes with every phone call. So there is no secret way of intercepting the call unless your environment (room/office/vehicle etc) has an eavesdropping device in it or the party you are calling is being targeted for eavesdropping.

In which case, a Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure (TSCM) “sweep” of the environment and KryptAll® on the target phones will guarantee your privacy.



KryptAll® Technology can be used in the air and on the sea. - Your private jet or yacht communication can be secure!


KryptAll® secure data utilizes Real-time encryption (virtually zero time in encrypting and decrypting the data) with Military-grade hardware encryption (not software embedded in a chip).


KryptAll® secure data is Bootable and Bus-powered (no adapter required) and employs either SATA or SSD storage for quick response times


KryptAll® Technology will work for World-Wide Communications.


The heart of KryptAll®'s data cryptographic engine is NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) of USA and CSE (Communications Security Establishment) of Canada certified hardware AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm and FIPS (US Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-2 Cryptographic Engine validated (FIPS Inside).


KryptAll® Telephones are available in Cellular i-Phone or desktop/home phone models.

KryptAll® Clients

Used by Heads of State, Fortune 500 companies, Executives, and Privacy Advocates throughout the world currently using the industry-standard encryption technology for Secure Voice and Data Communications. No other provider has a patent-pending user-initiated system that guarantees your privacy like KryptAll®!

You now have the freedom to call anyone, anywhere to any type of phone in the world from your secure KryptAll® phone! Contact Us today to find out how simple and worry-free secure communication really can be.

Used by Heads of State, Fortune 500 companies, Executives, and Privacy Advocates throughout the World


KryptAll® Communication Security - The leader in excellence for your Secured Communication Requirements. Contact Us today to find out how simple and worry-free secure communication really can be.

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