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You Should Be Concerned About Your Call Records

I am a business person and was told that my company may be the target of business espionage. This had me concerned and I started thinking about why my company would be a target. I am part of the oil and gas industry business. It has my team and I traveling around the world to find new locations for the production of my company’s products. We consider our drilling sites as part of our company’s Intellectual Property (IP). Should my competition know our newly proposed drilling site locations they could compete to develop the drilling sites before us. This could result in lost revenue, lost employment, damage to our reputation along with interruption of our production. I also realize that this can affect other industries that are dependent upon our products such as pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, synthetic fragrances, and plastics. The extreme monetary value of oil and gas along with its products has led to it being known as “black gold”. Thus, making it a target for our competitors and their associates to use extreme measures to compete and spy on us.

You Should Be Concerned About Your Call Records

You Should Be Concerned About Your Calling Records

I asked myself, how would my competition know in what area of the world my team and I were working in. We are a seasoned, trustworthy, team and take safety measures when traveling. We book our own travel reservations, check the areas we are traveling to and often hire local in-country security. I remembered the scene in the 1987 film, Wall Street, where they hired a Private Investigator (PI) to follow the executives around to profile their business activities. This would not work for us as we would most likely spot someone following us around the world! I then decided to investigate it further, to see if there is an easier, modern way, to profile someone’s business activities.

After reviewing the tactics used today to profile business activities, I discovered that a PI can do this by the target’s phone calling records. The calling records can reveal all the needed information about the business contacts, including daily schedule, location, along with personal contacts. This allows the PI to outline and create a business profile of the target. It was then clear to me if I was routinely calling Wakanda, as it would be listed on my calling records, it would be oblivious that my next drilling site may be there! I now see that I should be concerned about the calling records; as the burden of protecting the company’s IP falls on the company! My accountant said it may also be a tax deduction for the company.


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