iPhone Security - Risks and Dangers of Mobile Communications


Because of the current structure of the mobile communications system, smartphones have become significantly more vulnerable to "cellular hacks" compared to other computing devices. The two major concerns when it comes to mobile communications are eavesdropping and automatic rebilling. On analog networks such as CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), anyone within your range with a scanner could pick up your cellular signal and listen to every single one of your personal and private conversations. With the recent move towards CDMA and GSM digital networks, your phone calls are now encrypted for your protection, however, eavesdroppers with the right patience and determination can decrypt your calls and still listen to your conversation.

iPhone Security

Let's not forget about automatic, fraudulent rebilling. This is when criminals get a hold of your smartphone's signal, dissects it, and then clone your phone number. Afterward, they can program your number into their phone and begin billing items directly from your account. As you well know, hackers will do anything to get your information and in today's world, you should protect your data and your well-being at all times. If you're looking to protect yourself against eavesdropping and fraudulent rebilling, we believe it's paramount that you consider purchasing our KryptAll® encrypted phones.

At KryptAll®, we've designed a patent-pending solution to address the need for secure communications, from a firmware modified encrypted and secure cell phone to other KryptAll® encrypted phones or any non-encrypted phones such as VoIP, cellular, or standard. KryptAll® guarantees the privacy of your conversation even if the target of the eavesdropping interception is using KryptAll®.

When it comes to data on your phone, realize that it is precious and should be protected from others who would steal it and disrupt your life. Having an encrypted phone will assure that your data will be kept private at all times. At KryptAll®, we have the additional information from articles, media releases, videos, and slideshows to inform our patrons about the benefits of using encrypted phones. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section where we answer many questions about our phones and iPhone security/encryption solutions.


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