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Is Your Privacy Threatened by iPhone Spyware?

As an iPhone user, we know that you value your privacy quite highly. Like the majority of those using iPhones, they would probably feel uneasy if they found out they were under constant surveillance by an unknown hacker having access to their private conversations and e-mails. Yet with the new generation of iPhone app spyware which has just hit the market, this situation is actually happening to some people. As you well know, the iPhone is an incredibly useful tool that helps to organize your life, communicate more effectively with family and friends, and get access to huge amounts of data whenever you need it. And all this comes from one compact, handheld package which slips easily into your pocket. 10 years ago we could only have dreamed of this. However, there is a hidden, dark side to the current smartphone craze. Many people do not realize this, but just as desktop and laptop PCs could become infected with spyware, this also applies to your iPhone.

Please understand that all iPhone models are capable of being compromised with iPhone spyware. We know that mentioning the thought of someone looking into your calls and messages can be worrying, but there are some malicious people in the world who are willing and able to spy on others. It could be your spouse or partner, your children, your friends or your business associates. Whoever is a target, hackers do not feel any remorse whatsoever about spying on people and affecting their livelihood. Once the hackers can find a way to install spyware invisibly in the background, the phone's user will very much remain totally ignorant of uninvited malware.


iPhone Security

In addition, once the spyware has been installed on an iPhone, all the spymaster needs to do is to navigate to a website using any browser made available for his viewing pleasure and record all of your phone conversations, text messages, e-mails sent and received, and your lists of websites that were browsed on your phone. Also, he can even use insidious spyware packages that can even record your physical location through your iPhone using data tower and GPS triangulation. Some spyware can even record all sounds around your iPhone even if it is apparently turned off. This means that any private conversations will be picked up and recorded even if the phone is in your pocket!

However, there is no cause for panic. KryptAll® has designed a patent-pending solution to address the need for secure communications, from a firmware modified encrypted and secure cell phone to other KryptAll® encrypted phones or any non-encrypted phones such as VoIP, cellular, or standard. KryptAll® guarantees the privacy of the conversation if the target of the eavesdropping interception is using KryptAll®.

When it comes to data on your phone, realize that it is precious and should be protected from others who would steal it and disrupt your life. Having an encrypted phone will assure that your data will be kept private at all times. At KryptAll®, we have the additional information from articles, media releases, videos, and slideshows to inform our patrons about the benefits of using encrypted phones. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section where we answer many questions about our phones and encryption solutions.


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