What Is An Encrypted Phone and Why You Should Own One?

What is An Encrypted Phone? 

An encrypted phone is when unreadable encrypted codes are installed to protect your data from hackers and other unwanted individuals. To lock and unlock an encrypted phone, you will need a special key code. This code is used to unlock the phone on its home screen. Some phones, including the new iPhone X, also include a secure computer chip that carries a key in hardware. The most common encryption standard for phones is AES or Advanced Encryption Standard.

Why You Should Own An Encrypted Phone 

If your data isn’t encrypted, anyone who comes across your smartphone can have access to your files easily. When encryption codes are added to your phone, anyone who attempts to access your data will now have a very, very difficult time looking at your information.

If you’re working in the government sector, working for a firm that carries private company financials, or just a private individual, you should definitely possess an encrypted phone. Any device you own that contains a wealth of information about you and other important information should be best kept private, from browsing histories to credit card information.

Even If you’re a regular user of your phone and believe you don’t have sensitive data, understand that you also carry very important information. If your phone is stolen, anyone can now have access to your emails, your home address, and your personal information.


When it comes to data on your phone, realize that it is precious and should be protected from others who would steal it and disrupt your life. Having an encrypted phone will assure that your data will be kept private at all times. At KryptAll®, we have additional information from articles, media releases, videos, and slideshows to inform our patrons on the benefits of using encrypted phones. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section where we answer many questions about our phones and encryption solutions.


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