Most people believe that corporate espionage does not happen in real life!


When we hear corporate or business espionage, we often think of foreign countries looking to steal our trade secrets. What we forget is that it can be happening at our own place of work, right here in America. Look at the Hewlett-Packard case where they spied on their own people. Desperate to figure out who was leaking corporate information to the press, the HP Chairwomen hired multiple PI agencies to target and spy on their own board members.




That small computer you carry round in your pocket is full of data that any hacker could have a field day with. From emails and text messages all the way down to logging the username and password for your bank account. Today’s smartphones come with basic encryption by default, which obscures this data and makes it harder for data to be stolen. It’s useful technology but it has its downfalls.


When most people talk about “cell phone encryption,” they are usually talking about the data on the phone. With device encryption, stored data is scrambled and unreadable to others. It’s only when the passcode is entered that the data is revealed. This is why your phone may not connect to previous secure Wi-fi networks until the password is entered. It also means that someone couldn’t take the chips out of your switched-off phone to read the data.


You Should Be Concerned About Your Calling Records


I am a business person and was told that my company may be the target of business espionage. This had me concerned and I started thinking about why my company would be a target. I am part of the oil and gas industry business. It has my team and I traveling around the world to find new locations for the production of my company’s products. We consider our drilling sites as part of our company’s Intellectual Property (IP). Should my competition know our newly proposed drilling site locations they could compete to develop the drilling sites before us. This could result in lost revenue, lost employment, damage our reputation along with interruption of our production. I also realize that this can affect other industries that are dependent upon our products such as pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, synthetic fragrances, and plastics. The extreme monetary value of oil and gas along with its products has led to it being known as “black gold”. Thus, making it a target for our competitors and their associates to use extreme measures to compete and spy on us.

The Importance of Encrypted Secure Communication


Secure communication is the most important factor when it comes to data protection. Without encryption and authentication every single smartphone in your business is a potential point of intrusion. The potential solutions available to government agencies are usually extremely confusing and difficult to integrate into your existing system. Those of you in the public sector know that action is required, but how do you choose which action to take? You have teams and procedures in place to protect your centralized data hubs like servers and computer, but what about the potential access points your employees walk around with and use every day? How can you take mobile communication and make it more secure? The difficulty and stress of choosing the wrong technology is enough to overwhelm of even the most battle hardened IT specialist.

How Secure Is AES 256 Encryption


AES, or Advanced Encryption Standards, is a cryptographic cipher that is responsible for a large amount of the security that you use on a daily basis without even knowing it. AES is in use by everyone from the NSA to Microsoft and Apple, and is one of the most important cryptographic algorithms being used.

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