The Importance of Encrypted Secure Communication

The Importance of Encrypted Secure Communication


Secure communication is the most important factor when it comes to data protection. Without encryption and authentication every single smartphone in your business is a potential point of intrusion. The potential solutions available to government agencies are usually extremely confusing and difficult to integrate into your existing system. Those of you in the public sector know that action is required, but how do you choose which action to take? You have teams and procedures in place to protect your centralized data hubs like servers and computer, but what about the potential access points your employees walk around with and use every day? How can you take mobile communication and make it more secure? The difficulty and stress of choosing the wrong technology is enough to overwhelm of even the most battle hardened IT specialist.


Needing a secure communication solution is no longer “if” situation and has become more of a “how” situation. Secure communications are absolutely necessary for the future with the every growing threat of cyber security. Here are some must haves for a secure communications strategy:

Military-grade encryption

Not all encryption standards are created equal and some are a lot better than others. Although it shold be easy to use, by its very nature, it's extremely complicated. Check out any potential messaging and calling platform’s website for the encryption functionality. Usually it’s end-to-end with a low grade encryption, which is a starting point, but its not perfect. Ensure the solution offers the level of protection you need and if it isn’t FIPS certified, it’s not worth the time or money. Kryptall phones employ a Twofish session, 256-bit AES, using 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange. This is the same encryption standard that is required by the Department of Defense and US Government.


The reality is that in the public sector, legacy infrastructure is a huge consideration when it comes integrating an encrypted secure communication system. You want something that can integrate with you existing investments, such as your networking infrastructure and, in doing so, extend the lifetime of your current systems. KryptAll uses your current Internet connection to set up an encrypted data channel; it enables the encrypted calls to pass through its own global network of ciphered servers using the Internet connection.


Consumer messaging platforms are becoming more likely due to government interference. The issue for governments is that consumer messaging apps offer encrypted messaging to the general public with no screening process, which means crime and terrorism risks. Whatever option you go for, be sure that it will provide the reliability you need and has business continuity and disaster recovery standards in place.



With KryptAll, the quality and the clarity of communication is absolutely outstanding compare to other products where crackles and distortions are heard due to the technology used. In order to reach this objective, KryptAll developed this system to meet or exceed aerospace and defense industry standards. KryptAll does not use the regular public switches. KryptAll uses servers that are reached through the Internet with an encrypted connection. No record or trace of the caller or the called and guaranteed 100% impossibility for anybody to intercept/tap/listen to the conversations when both parties use KryptAll.

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