Terms of Sale



Acceptance of Orders: All orders received are subject to the final acceptance by KryptAll™, LLC. KryptAll™, LLC reserves the right to reject any order in whole or in part.

Returns: All returns must be authorized in writing via email by KryptAll™ LLC and no returns will be accepted unless so authorized. All authorized return requests will receive a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number that must be posted on the exterior of the returned parcel.

Freight: Terms are F.O.B. factory, Los Angeles, California U.S.A. Freight and insurance charges will be prepaid and added to the invoice.

Taxes: Unless otherwise specified, all price are quoted exclusive of Federal, State, local excise, Sales and similar taxes. Any charges for taxes, when applicable, will be charged as separate additional items on invoice. Exemption certificates, where required, shall be submitted by the Purchaser on an approved form, and be delivered to KryptAll™ LLC before shipment is made.

Limitation of Liability: Seller's suggested delivery schedule will be met by KryptAll™ LLC to the best of its ability. Any delivery promise, however, only represents KryptAll™ LLC best estimate of the time require to make shipment. KryptAll™ LLC does not assume any liability, incidental, indirect, consequential or otherwise, because of its failure to deliver, or not to deliver on schedule, or for errors made in the filling of orders for any reason. Except for the obligation of delivery set forth herein, KryptAll™ LLC shall not be responsible or held liable for failure of performance of contracts resulting from orders placed hereunder, due to causes beyond its control including, but not limited to, work stoppages of KryptAll™ LLC employees or employees of others, fires, civil disturbance, riots, rebellions, strikes, acts of God and similar occurrences; nor will KryptAll™ LLC be held liable for incidental, collateral or consequential damages resulting thereof.

Indemnification: Purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless KryptAll™ LLC, its officers, owners, employees or agents, of, from or for any loss, damage or liability which may arise, or be alleged by any person, firm, corporation to have arisen, because of the manufacture, sale, possession, use or application of any device, equipment, item or service, whether such alleged loss, damage or liability is alleged to have arisen from negligence, acts of conduct of KryptAll™ LLC, the Purchaser, or others, and Purchaser hereby agrees to provide legal defense to KryptAll™ LLC, at the cost and expense of the Purchaser, with respect to any such claim, demand, suit or action. KryptAll™ LLC, at its election, may retain attorneys for such defense, as it deems necessary, and, in either event, the Purchaser agrees to pay all expenses arising out of, or incidental to, defense of such action, cause of action, suit or litigation, including punitive damages or other special judgments.

Terms of Shipment: Unless the Purchaser clearly advises KryptAll™ LLC to the contrary in writing prior to acceptance of the order, KryptAll™ LLC may make partial shipments on account of the Purchaser's orders and such shipments shall be separately invoiced and paid for when due, without regard to subsequent deliveries. Any delays in delivery of an installment shall not relieve the Purchaser of its obligation to accept remaining installments.

Terms of Payments: All sales are final and all equipment and services will be paid in full upon receipt of order unless otherwise stated and agreed to before acceptance of order. KryptAll™ LLC reserves the right to change specifications, designs and models without notice. KryptAll™ LLC does not assume any responsibility or liability for typographical errors which may appear herein, or in the KryptAll™ websites or any other printed material and such errors are subject to correction.

Cancellation of Orders: Equipment and services may be cancelled at any time prior shipment upon receipt of written notification from the Purchaser and accepted in writing by KryptAll™ LLC. KryptAll™ LLC shall charge the purchaser a sum equal to fifteen percent (15%) of the total invoice for restocking. Once shipment is made all sales are final.




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K-Fact: World Wide

KryptAll™ Technology will work for World-Wide Communications.

K-Fact: Hardware

KryptAll™ Telephones are available in Cellular i-Phone or desktop/home phone models.

K-Fact: Air and Sea

KryptAll™ Technology can be used in the air and on the sea. - Your private jet or yacht communication can be secure!

K-Fact: Data

KryptAll™ secure data utilizes Real-time encryption (virtually zero time in encrypting and decrypting the data) with Military-grade hardware encryption (not software embedded in a chip)

K-Fact: Data

The heart of KryptAll™'s data cryptographic engine is NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) of USA and CSE (Communications Security Establishment) of Canada certified hardware AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm and FIPS (US Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-2 Cryptographic Engine validated (FIPS Inside).

K-Fact: Data

KryptAll™ secure data is Bootable and Bus powered (no adapter required) and employs either SATA or SSD storage for quick response times

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