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Secure Communications Solution

KryptAll® is an encrypted telephone system that cannot be intercepted. KryptAll® encrypts the call, both over the IP network with the hardened modified “K Phone” or the cellular data network via the modified “K iPhone”. The audio of the call is codified so that it is NOT comprehensible to anybody but to the direct party involved using certified and universally accepted safe encryption algorithms. The privacy of the phone call is further guaranteed by using a global encrypted server infrastructure, physically allocated in over ten nations where telephone interception and tapping is not permitted by law. The server network was designed and built so that any internal or external tampering is impossible.

Telephone companies keep records of telephone call data (calling number and number called) in their archives for months. KryptAll® does not transit through the public telephone switches therefore no call data is available.  KryptAll® employs Internet connection, via providers WiFi or 3G, encrypting the content safely without leaving any trace or the possibility of recording the call data.

The KryptAll® “K Phone” is easy to use and requires connection to the Internet employing the network cable supplied or via WiFi. The KryptAll® “K iPhone” will operate over WiFi or the cellular data network. In order to operate over the cellular data network it will require the user to subscribe to any GSM/3G cellular carrier and install a corresponding SIM card into the phone. After a few minutes to synchronize with the encrypted global server network it will be automatically ready to call any other KryptAll® phone, standard telephone or cellular number.

If the receiving party is not using KryptAll®, encrypted calls are still possible as the call is encrypted and safe up to the interconnection point with the regular telephone network (POTS). This does not exclude the possibility of intercepting the phone you are calling. In this case the call could be listened to, if the person you are calling is being monitored. Your caller identity will not be traceable even if intercepted. KryptAll® guarantees the privacy if you are the target of the interception, but it cannot guarantee the absolute privacy that the service offers until both parties are using KryptAll®.

KryptAll® continuously and automatically assigns a different telephone number as this number is not linked with the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) therefore it will be absolutely impossible to trace your identity. In order to have an even higher level of security the calls enter the regular telephone network from more than a 100 different interconnection points scattered in all 5 continents together with millions of other calls. In addition the voice communication is sent over the secure IP with Twofish session, 256-bit AES, using 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange, encryption that cannot be decoded. 

In order to call a regular telephone number all you need to do is enter the international country code for the number before dialing the actual number, example for calls within the USA enter:  001 + area code + number.

Every KryptAll® telephone has a 6 digit network number and KryptAll® phones can call each other by using the corresponding numbers. 

Main Features

The quality of the calls are as clear as any other traditional telephone call.
The encryption causes no delay in the call.
No waiting period, the telephone that is being called rings in less than a second from the moment the number is dialed.
K Phones allows you to save frequently dialed numbers.
An access PIN can be activated in order to avoid unauthorized usage.
By calling 448 this function allows you choose which ID you want to display on the recipients phone.  Our system will guide you through the 2 steps to use this function. You will be asked to digit on your phone the caller ID you would like to display on the recipients phone and the number you would like to call.
By calling 446 you can set your preferred language for all interactive voice messages.


 Be certain your calls are not intercepted.
No trace of the calls (caller or called).
No additional cost for the calls, regardless of how many or how long they are.
KryptAll® works all over the world, wherever there is Internet connection.


KryptAll® operates with secure proven encryption systems: 256-bit AES with 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange, tested and verified by third parties, and approved through verification studies, as being secure.
The global network of servers that manage the calls are encrypted with 3 levels of encryption, in order to guarantee the impossibility of tampering even by the KryptAll personnel.
The telephones switches do not record any information of the secure communications (neither the caller nor the called).
KryptAll® continuously and automatically assigns a different telephone number as this number is not linked with the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).
The calls enter the regular telephone network from more than a 100 different interconnection points scattered in over 10 countries on 5 continents together with millions of other calls.
KryptAll® employs a global network of secure servers in 11 countries all outside of the USA.


KryptAll® highly differentiates itself from any other encrypted telephone service:

Some encrypted telephones produce a considerable delay in the secure communications between the caller and the called, causing a 1 to 2 second gap and waiting period from the moment a sentence is said to when it is heard. This renders conversations very difficult and annoying as it is enables sentences to overlap each other between the caller and the called. KryptAll® DOES not cause any delay.
KryptAll® does not use the regular public switches.  KryptAll® uses servers that are reached through the Internet with an encrypted connection. No record or trace of the caller or the called and guaranteed 100% impossibility for anybody to intercept/tap/listen to the conversations when both parties use KryptAll®.
With KryptAll® the quality and the clarity of the communication is absolutely outstanding, very differently than other products where crackles and distortions are heard due to the technology used. In order to reach this objective KryptAll® developed this system to meet or exceed aerospace and defense industry standards.


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K-Fact: World Wide

KryptAll™ Technology will work for World-Wide Communications.

K-Fact: Hardware

KryptAll™ Telephones are available in Cellular i-Phone or desktop/home phone models.

K-Fact: Air and Sea

KryptAll™ Technology can be used in the air and on the sea. - Your private jet or yacht communication can be secure!

K-Fact: Data

KryptAll™ secure data utilizes Real-time encryption (virtually zero time in encrypting and decrypting the data) with Military-grade hardware encryption (not software embedded in a chip)

K-Fact: Data

The heart of KryptAll™'s data cryptographic engine is NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) of USA and CSE (Communications Security Establishment) of Canada certified hardware AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm and FIPS (US Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-2 Cryptographic Engine validated (FIPS Inside).

K-Fact: Data

KryptAll™ secure data is Bootable and Bus powered (no adapter required) and employs either SATA or SSD storage for quick response times

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