K-BldgSigAmp Kit



KryptAll has teamed up with Wilson Electronics to bring you the K-BldgSigAmp cellular phone and data signal booster kit to improve your K iPhone’s coverage in your home or office on the GSM data network. By boosting the GSM cellular voice and data services, the K-BldgSigAmp provides the user with a stronger, more reliable signal, which is tuned for the K iPhone. In addition, all cellular phones within the range of the interior panel antenna will connect to the system wirelessly and benefit from the stronger signal as the K-BldgSigAmp supports multiple simultaneous connections to GSM voice and data networks.

The K-BldgSigAmp will amplify signal throughout an entire home or office, providing reliable voice and data coverage inside some of today’s energy efficient but cellular unfriendly buildings. The exterior hi gain directional antenna is pointed in the direction of your nearest cell tower. The inside panel antenna will rebroadcast the amplified cell signal inside the building. The user will experience fewer dropped calls, faster downloads and a stronger, more reliable cellular signal indoors.

Installation kit comes complete with outside and inside antennas, 30 feet of RG-6 coax antenna cable with F connectors for each antenna, signal amplifier and a 110/240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz, power supply.


WARNING: Emergency 911 location information may not be provided or may be inaccurate for calls served by using this device.



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K-Fact: World Wide

KryptAll™ Technology will work for World-Wide Communications.

K-Fact: Hardware

KryptAll™ Telephones are available in Cellular i-Phone or desktop/home phone models.

K-Fact: Air and Sea

KryptAll™ Technology can be used in the air and on the sea. - Your private jet or yacht communication can be secure!

K-Fact: Data

KryptAll™ secure data utilizes Real-time encryption (virtually zero time in encrypting and decrypting the data) with Military-grade hardware encryption (not software embedded in a chip)

K-Fact: Data

The heart of KryptAll™'s data cryptographic engine is NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) of USA and CSE (Communications Security Establishment) of Canada certified hardware AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm and FIPS (US Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-2 Cryptographic Engine validated (FIPS Inside).

K-Fact: Data

KryptAll™ secure data is Bootable and Bus powered (no adapter required) and employs either SATA or SSD storage for quick response times

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