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KryptAll™ has developed a global network of secure servers that allows the encrypted calls to enter the regular telephone network from more than a 100 different interconnection points...

Yes, It's 
That Secure

KryptAll™, starts with a hardened, modified, encrypted, VoIP phone or cellular phone that provides a secure, 256-bit AES, encrypted VoIP call to and from the global network of secure servers.

KryptAll ™

No other provider has a patent pending user initiated system that guarantees your privacy like KryptAll! You now have freedom to call anyone, anywhere to any type of phone in the world from your secure KryptAll phone!


KryptAll> ™

If you're not using KryptAll™ Technology this is your current security level. When privacy is of the utmost important to your clients contact KryptAll today!


KryptAll - Secured Calls to Any Phone

KryptAll iPhones

Secure Cellular Solutions

You can be certain your cellular phone is not a target of eavesdropping when using the KryptAll™ K iPhone...

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Secure Land-Lines

Secure Land-lines

You can be certain your desk phone is not a target of eavesdropping when using the KryptAll™ IP based phones...

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Absolutely Certain

Be Certain

Without KryptAll you are not secure! With KryptAll you can be certain that calls are not intercepted and not traced. This is what sets us apart...

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KryptAll - Important Telecommunication News

KryptAll"using industry standard encryption technology for secure Voice and Data communications”



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